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Stanbic Bank Ghana
2023 24 Jul 2023

SIMS 2023 Virtual AGM Scheduled for August 2

Multi-asset specialist manager, Stanbic Investment Management Services LTD (SIMS), will hold its 2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM) for Unit Trusts on Wednesday August 2, 2023 between 10am and 12 noon. The 2023 AGM will be virtual and as such, attendance and participation by unitholders or their proxies in the AGM, will be strictly virtual.

Unit holders of SIMS  Stanbic Income Fund Trust (SIFT) and Stanbic Cash Trust (SCT) will be able to join and participate in the virtual AGM by visiting and typing in their five-digit unique token which has been sent via SMS and email to access the meeting and also vote at the meeting. Unit holders are encouraged not to share their token numbers in order not to compromise their votes.

SIMS connects retail and institutional clients with multiple investment opportunities across asset classes and markets. The company manages two retail funds; SCT and SIFT.

The Stanbic Cash Trust is an open-ended unit trust fund. The primary objective of the Fund is to maximize short to medium term income while preserving capital, through investing in a portfolio of fixed income securities, including treasury securities, quasi government securities and money market investments. A minimum of 80% of the Fund's assets are invested in Government and Quasi Government debt securities and up to 20% in selected money market securities, while retaining a minimum of 5% in cash.

The Stanbic Income Fund Trust is an open-ended unit trust fund. The primary objectives the fund is to maximize medium to long-term sustainable income and capital appreciation of its assets. It does this by investing in a portfolio of fixed income securities including government treasury securities, fixed deposits and other corporate debt securities. Up to 85% of assets under management are invested in medium to long-term corporate and government debt securities while retaining a maximum of 40% in money market securities and a minimum of 3% in cash.

SIMS’ client base consists of individuals, institutions, organizations and associations with various investment objectives. Investors may invest at regular intervals or in one-off lump sum investments. Unitholders are encouraged to call (+233) 302 815 789 or email [email protected] for any queries regarding the AGM.