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27 Mar 2023

Embrace Responsible Investment To Support Development- Miriam Amissah

Miriam Maku Amissah, Head of Client Experience, Stanbic Investment Management Services (SIMS) has encouraged Ghanaians to embrace responsible investment to further nation building. Speaking at a cocktail session hosted by the bank at the 3rd Mobile Technology for Development seminar held at the Kempinski Gold Coast City Hotel, Accra, Miriam Aku Amissah, advised participants not to shy away from investing but rather seek professional.

She said, “When we talk about responsible investing it simply means making sure that you're putting your money into areas that affect the community as well. We are looking at sustainable investment and how your investment affects your surroundings. With private equity for instance, you are putting money into businesses in the community that could possibly affect you and the other people in that community, if you invest”

“One of the Responsible Investment initiatives that we have taken as Stanbic Investment Management Services, is to ensure that we are putting some money in some venture capital fund that has started a retirement and investing in start-up businesses or improve businesses that are running and help them to grow. These initiatives have all been put in place to ensure that as a business we also look beyond creating profit and rather contribute as well to ensuring the development and growth of our community.” She added

Miriam Maku Amissah also advised participants not to shy away from investing but rather seek professional advice from qualified financial advisors

She stated,

“Admittedly we are going through very challenging financial times. Although we are in trying times, there are also a lot of opportunities. Do not shy away from investing but rather consult a financial advisor to guide you make the right choice. It all starts with what your objective is and what your risk appetite is. Have a conversation with a financial advisor and we will look at your needs and match them to the available opportunities on the market. At Stanbic, we have financial advisors who are dedicated to helping you. Stanbic Investment Management Services is located on the fourth floor of the Stanbic heights so feel free to walk in and meet any of our qualified investment advisors. You can also walk into any of our branches across the country and get all the information you need.” 

Mobile Technology for Development is an event that provides the platform for stakeholders within the financial, technology and development sector to converge at a single location to share ideas, exhibit solutions and take stock of innovations in payments, deposit, credit, remittance and insurance, and build partnerships for enhanced effort towards financial inclusion in Ghana.

Stanbic Investment Management Services Limited (SIMS), a member of the Standard Bank Group, is an investment management and advisory firm licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission and registered with the National Pensions Regulatory Authority as a pension fund manager.